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Subvert From Within: A User Focused Guide to Success

Working in a large governmental agency, like working for a
large private corporation can, over time, suck the soul out of
your body like Coke out of a bottle. As a result, many people
become sticklers about insignificant details but loose sight of
what the agency or business is really trying to do. That is,
serve their customers. But that doesn’t mean it has to be that

Kathy Sierra created
a User Focused Employee Guide
. Some of the ideas in her guide

  • Language matters. Frame everything in terms of the user’s

  • Speak for real users… not fake abstract “profiles”.

  • Put pictures of real users on your walls. Act like they’re as
    important to you as pictures of family members and pets.

  • When product features are discussed without taking into
    account how it helps (or hinders) the user kicking ass, adopt a
    slightly confused, mildly annoyed look…

  • Blog about it

There are other ideas in her guide but it’s all good. The
bottom line is the customer is not the enemy so do not treat him
or her as if they were. Focus on making them more productive.
Focus on helping them to do their job better. Focus on that, and
everything else drops away as irrelevant.