Barks and Whispers

When it comnes to dogs, there’s an old saying that there are
no bad dogs, just bad masters. I think there’s a lot of truth in
that. It seems to me, most dog trainers teach the masters, not
the dogs. Through the ages, certain behavior patterns have been
bred into dogs so the animals instinctively know what to do, it’s
the masters that need the help.

One of the better known people trainers is a man by the name
of Cesar Millan. The 36-year-old Millan, originally from Mexico,
has made it is life’s work to correct the problems of dog owners.
When he first came to California at the age of 21, he noticed
that the biggest problem people had is treating their pets like
humans. He found people gave their pets unconditional love, but
no discipline nor exercise.

Yet, dogs build their social systems around a hierarchical
order of who is top dog. Once the dog knows its place in the
system, order is restored and peace reigns. But we humans try to
make the dogs into equals, which can at best confuse the dog and
at worst turn the dog into a sociopath that will have to be put

Millan will be coming to the Hawaii Convention Center on
October 15th to give a seminar on how to train you to train your
dog. There is a charge for the seminar. Millan’s website is
. There is also
an article in TheMorningPaper
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