Wie Wunderkind

Fellow Daynoter Sjon commented on Michelle Wie being so young
that the child labor laws in his area would probably prohibit her
from turning professional (insert disclaimer here, neither of us are
lawyers). There are child labor laws here too but I’m not sure what
it says about turning professional. Wie must still otherwise
adhere to all other laws, including staying in school. In fact,
although she will be able to buy herself a Mercedes, she can’t
legally drive it by herself because she’s too young to get a
regular driver’s license (she has what is called a “learner’s
permit” but that requires that a licensed driver be with her
while she drives.).

Still, I think it is the right decision for her. Now is the
time to make whatever money she will be able to make. Other than
her obvious talent, the main reason she is so popular is that she
is an oddity. I don’t mean that in a negative way but the reason
so many people are interested in her is that she is so young. I
mean she is like a child prodigy who can play Mozart at the age
of three and Carnegie Hall at the age of seven and is no longer
known at the age of 18.

But she won’t stay young forever. In fact, I think she has
three more years in which she will be popular because of her age.
After that, she will have to start winning tournaments to make a
living (which she probably will be able to because she
is so talented. But I’m not sure she’ll have any
endorsement deals worth eight to 10 million). But, I could be
wrong. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



One response to “Wie Wunderkind

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention. One other reason she can’t be a pro here is that she’s too young to pay income tax. Can you imagine the ‘state’ allowing someone to earn real money with paying tax? Nops, so no Pro-status around here. 🙂