Blue View

I’m working on finding a Linux friendly HTML editor. Although
I have HTML-Kit running under Wine, I would like to find
something native to Linux. Currently, I’m looking at BlueFish
and N|vu.

Before I get to those two, a digression. I installed the W3C’s
Amaya editor but found the
UI less than user friendly. In fact, the entire application
looked like it had been designed by a committee (as in a camel is
a horse designed by a committee). Even though its been around
since 1996 (the Palaeozoc era in web years), it just doesn’t work
for me.

I then tried installing Quanta Plus.
Unfortunately, Xandros Network said the packages were “broken.”
So, I tried installing it from the source. After unpacking the
download file and running ./configure, I got the first of several
errors. The first was libjpeg was missing. I used Xandros Network
to install that. But when I ran ./configure again, it said I was
now missing libxml. Okay, back to Xandros Network and I installed
that and re-ran ./configure. But now it said I was missing Qt.
This went through two more iterations: KDE headers and libslt.
After installing those packages, the ./configure script ran to
completion without errors. But when I ran “make”, it ended with
three Type 1 errors and one type 2 error. At that point, I
decided it wasn’t worth my time and deleted Quanta Plus.

Back to the two I did get installed. Both N|vu and BlueFish
seem okay, but it will take awhile before I feel comfortable in
either. In addition, there is a bug in BlueFish 1.0-0.1 whereby
if I try to run the spell checker it will segfault every time.
That said, BlueFish seems more polished then N|vu. However, this
may be more a comment on the state of Linux applications and the
reason why more people don’t switch to Linux than a comment on
this particular application.

In any case, if you have a favorite Linux-based HTML editor,
leave a comment so I can take a look. Thanks in advance.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone – Aloha!


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  1. And when you find a good one let us know. Please.