IT Imbalance

InfoWorld has their Top
20 IT Mistakes to Avoid
list. Number one on the list is
“Botching your outsourcing strategy.” On the upside, our IT did
outsource the hosting and running of our Internet site. The
downside is that it was done because they are apparently less
than clued in on how to run a website. So the good news is that
they recognized their weaknesses. However, as the article goes on
to say, it is a mistake to “outsourc[e] important IT functions to
avoid the hard work of understanding them. Relinquishing those
functions can make it hard to get simple things done.”

Ditto for number two on the list: Dismissing open source — or
bowing before it. “For better or worse, many IT shops are
susceptible to religious behavior — a blind, unyielding devotion
to a particular technology or platform.” We loved Wang, even as
Wang disappeared. We loved IBM, even as IBM got out of the PC
business it never understood nor fully supported. Now, our
leadership is in love with Microsoft, even as it is clear that MS
is, as a server platform and desktop, insecure by design.

The list goes on but I’m already too depressed to continue.
The pitfalls of IT are easy to point out, avoiding the problems
is the art of good management.


One response to “IT Imbalance

  1. Most of the time you find yourself dumped into a couple of the pits by previous management desicions. And I can tell you there are more than 20 pits to avoid. Many more.