Windows Vista – Insecure Edition – Priceless

Love him or leave him, PC Magazine’s John Dvorak stirs things up.
But sometimes, he accidently stumbles on to a valid point.
Recently, his
bored into Microsoft and how there is a built in
conflict of interest when MS decides to sell anti-virus or
anti-spyware software. The conflict arises because there is no
economic incentive to make Windows more secure when you can
instead force people to buy additional software to do so. In
fact, the more insecure you make Windows, the more money you can
make selling add-ons to “fix” it.

He goes further to contend that Windows cannot ever be made
secure because of its core architecture. That is, in order to
secure Windows, the very way and the very services MS wants to
offer would either have to change or be eliminated.

Since that’s not likely to happen, Dvorak pulls our leg a bit
and says Windows Vista should come out in the following

  • Vista – Won’t Boot Edition – $29.95

  • Vista – Preloaded with Viruses and Spyware Edition –

  • Vista – Initially Clean but Use at Your Own Risk Edition –

  • Vista – Clean with Firewall and Weekly Protection Update
    Edition – $200


One response to “Windows Vista – Insecure Edition – Priceless

  1. That would be the very cheap versions.
    Here the price difference between a ‘nekid’ pc and one with XPHome (the Preloaded-with-Viruses+Spyware Edition) is 99€.