Map It Out

It really bothers me that some software fail to follow the
most basic of dicta – “Above all else, do no harm.” For example,
Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client. It has the nasty habit of,
among other things, loosing access to your email. So, I’ve
decided to switch to something else. What that something else is,
is a purely web-based IMAP
solution. Hopefully, that will reduce, although not eliminate,
the chances of loosing email.

In addition, Thunderbird has no built-in way to backup your
email nor an easy way of importing saved email. Since Thunderbird
is no longer betaware, I must assume the developers do not see a
need for either.

Speaking of betaware, the Firefox browser version 1.5RC1 is due out on 28
October. Mark you calendars for those of you who like testing
software. For everyone else, hang in there until the final
release appears sometime after that.



One response to “Map It Out

  1. Either de developers (the project manager) sees no need for it or it’s scheduled for the next release.