Back To the Moon

New lunar lander rendering.My wallpaper for the week
comes courtesy of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It’s
artist’s rendering of what the new moon lander
could look
like. Maybe. Someday. But I wonder if it will be in my

Apollo 17
landed on the moon on 11 December 1972.
Seventy-five hours later, on 14 December at 22:54:37 UT, man left
the moon and has not returned since. It is too soon to predict
whether it is NASA, China,
or a private agency that first makes it back. But I can say for
sure that if someone doesn’t at least try, we never will.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –


One response to “Back To the Moon

  1. One thing is for sure. ESA won’t be going or trying. Unless, maybe, they can hitch an almost free ride along with somebody else.