Is Sony Evil?

I’ve posted before
about the dichotomy that is Sony. On one
hand, you have the hardware side that seems to be headed in
the right direction. For example, rather than continuing to force
people to use its Memory Stick
technology, Sony began to use, among other types, mainstream
CompactFlash(r). Sony also started to support not only their
Atrac3Plus(tm) audio DRM format but also MP3 and wav.

On the other hand, you have the entertainment side. I
would guess that these are the people who came up with what is
being called the Sony rootkit debacle.
This ongoing saga
illustrates, in my opinion, the worst that
Sony has been and, apparently, continues to be.

I will leave it to others to document the decline and fall of
the once great Sony empire. All I can do is echo what is the the
safest course of action when it comes to prudent computer
security: DO NOT BUY ANY SONY MUSIC. If you do, DO NOT USE A
your PC, and all the information on it, at substantial risk.

At this point, I believe Sony’s entertainment division has
truly lost its way and should be spun off as a separate company.
Otherwise, it could drag the rest of Sony down with it as it dies
a well deserved corporate death. YMMV. Insert disclaimer



One response to “Is Sony Evil?

  1. I don’t think they will sink. It is a clear case of some technology chalanged board being demoed a possible DRM tool (probably one of many) and falling in love with it. I’ve seen it happen a few times. You set up a couple of demos. You know demo-A is what should be chosen but the board demands alternatives to choose from so you produce demo-B and demo-C that are possible but so rediculous that no sane person would choose them. But the board being completely ignorant of the methods goes and chooses demo-C.
    Typically after implementing it they come back and demand ammendments to make it work.