Daily Archives: 14 November 2005

Pumping to the Music

WARNING: Adult content. It seems people find all kinds of new ways to use their iPods. In fact, those inventive folks in the UK are selling an iPod that is, ahem, sure to bring a smile to some women’s faces.

Enter the iBuzz. An attachment for your iPod that vibrates in time with your music. Just plug one end into your iPod and the other, umm, into some place else and turn up the volume.

Also on some people’s Christmas lists is the SP9004. What is that? It uses oxygen and propane, has a laser sight, bolt action, and is electrically controlled….No, it doesn’t connect to your iPod. So what does it do? It fires potatoes. That’s right, it’s a spud launcher. Just what Johnny wants for Christmas. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.