Firefox 1.5 RC3 Real Soon Now

The countdown to Firefox 1.5 continues. According to the
latest in the support forums, there will be an RC3 Real Soon Now.
In my limited experience, an RC3 is rather unusual. My reading of
the tea leaves is there are a bunch of problems yet to be ironed
out. I could be wrong, though. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.

In any case, one of those problems appears to be with the very
AdBlock plug-in
(link goes to their support forum). The
advice from the Firefox forum is to switch to AdBlock Plus.
However, when I did that, AdBlock Plus exhibited a menu display
error. I won’t go into detail but this is a bug that the current
version of Adblock had fixed earlier but is now reappearing in
Adblock Plus. Sigh. No one said OpenSource software is

I’m also becoming discouraged by some of the forum chatter
which seems to indicate what I would consider to be major
problems (especially with print preview) within Firefox 1.5, will
not be fixed any time soon.

So, even after 1.5 goes gold, there may be major problems to
deal with. Although I still think Firefox is
better/safer/standards compliant than IE, the folks over at
Mozilla need to know that I won’t continue to use software that
is unreliable.


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