Will My Next PC Be a Mac?

Well, maybe. I have my eye on a Mac Mini but I won’t
even think of buying until the Intel processors are folded in
sometime next year. I mean, why buy now, before the Intel CPUs
are out, if you know your Mac will become defunct in less than a
year? But if/when I do eventually buy, I might want to check out
this site that lists OpenSource software for
. OpenSource software wouldn’t be the only reason to go
the Macs, nor maybe even the main reason. But knowing that such
software is available is a consideration.

By the way, I know there are rumors that some Intel CPU
powered Macs will be coming out early next year, rather than the
announced Q3/Q4 of 2006 timeframe. Perhaps. But I don’t think MS has
cornered the market on rumors designed to create fear, uncertainty,
and doubt. Why would Apple spread similar, although slightly
different rumors? Perhaps because if a customer were thinking
about buying a computer within the next six to nine months and
knew that Apple would not have anything available, he or she
would probably buy somewhere else. But if rumors started going
around that Apple would have such Intel PCs available within that
timeframe, you might decide to wait. Now, be clear, I don’t have
any insider information and for all I know, come January 1st,
Apple will debut a bunch of Intel powered Macs. Or not. Well,
this is just idle speculation. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



2 responses to “Will My Next PC Be a Mac?

  1. I just got one of those small imps. Haven’t played with it much yet, 24hours a day realy is not enough.

    I am not sure about the rumours. I suppose Apple will want to seed the development community with Intel based Macs (will that be real iMacs?) before launching them on the market. Rumours could be based on that.

  2. PPC Macs will still be supported via Fat Binaries for a few years after the Intel Macs come out. So don’t let the impending architecture switch dissuade you from buying a PPC Mac.

    I have absolutely no regrets about purchasing my G4 iBook 11 months ago.