Daily Archives: 18 November 2005

Friday Farceur

Although I had created my first website sometime around 1996
(almost 10 years ago!), I didn’t start my more or less daily
posting until October 20, 1999.

During that time, many changes have occurred. In 1999, among
other things, Democrat Bill Clinton was President and Hawaii had
a Democrat for Governor. A judge found Microsoft to be a
monopoly. And COBOL programmers around the world worked
feverishly to fix millennium bugs before the year 2000

Now, we have a Republican President, a Republican Congress,
and a Republican state Governor. Microsoft is still a monopoly
and has learned to buy as many politicians as it needs. I guess
this is supposed to be progress. In any case, a belated happy
blogging anniversary to myself and all 11 regular (and irregular)
readers. Mahalo for stopping by.

Speaking of posting, next week Thursday is the Thanksgiving
holiday in the US. I will also be taking the next day off so
there probably won’t be posts for either day.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –