Sounding Off2: faad2 and xmms2

It’s a very rainy day here in paradise. The humidity is at 100
percent and the window panes are covered with condensation that
glitters like icicles as the water drips down. I think you can
guess that not much is happening here today. Although, I did have
a little problem yesterday with the program I use to listen to
music. It’s called xmms. It
stopped playing anything except MP3s. I don’t know why. All the
plug-ins where still there and enabled. So I uninstalled and
reinstalled the program. No difference. So I tried re-compiling
the faad2 xmms plug-in again but had no luck. Sigh. So, I
uninstalled again, deleted the .xmms file in ~/home, reinstalled,
and Bob’s your slave, it’s working again.

Speaking of recompiling the faad2 xmms plug-in, I found a new
source (pun intended) of where to get the code. The
site has the source code specifically setup for
Debian installations. You still have to compile everything, but
at least you don’t have to go through any Debian specific
incantations. Just follow the default instructions, including
./configure --with-xmms --with-mp4v2
and the scripts do everything for you, including copying the
plug-in to the correct directory. Pretty slick.

Of course, the site is located behind a dyndns dynamic DNS
service so who knows how reliable/secure a site this is. YMMV.
Use at your own risk. Insert disclaimer here.



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