Daily Archives: 23 November 2005

Slugging It Out

So, just how hard is it to shoot a lock off? You
know, like in the movies when the someone needs to get through a
locked fence. The actor pulls out his/her pistol and shoots the
lock. Well, the answer, according to The Tactical
is: Very hard. They tried a 9mm, .45ACP, .223 (5.56mm), .308
(7.62mm), and a 12 gauge Brennke slug. The
only round that was able to do enough damage to blow the lock
open was the slug. None of the pistol rounds even penetrated the
outer casing of the lock and the rifle rounds either bored nice
round holes or actually blew parts off the lock but the lock
still held. Only the slug did enough damage to open the lock. Of
course, as the site notes, there are different was of shooting
the lock (rather than hitting it in the center) so your mileage
may vary. Don’t do this at home. Insert disclaimer here.

Shooting at the lock.

The lock after being shot.

With that, tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the
U.S. so I will be off. In addition, I will be taking Friday off
to do my part in keeping the Hawaii economy robust and growing so
no post on Friday either.

Have a Great Thanksgiving and Weekend, Everyone –