Can’t Get Here from There: Shipping to Hawaii

A barrier to more people in Hawaii shopping on-line is the
problem of shipping. Up until a year or two ago, UPS provided
Ground Shipping rates. However, they decided to stop such service
and provide only one or two-day service. As you might guess, the
cost of next day or second day air delivery is substantial. By
substantial I mean more than $20 for even the lightest

So when I find a website like Amazon that provides reasonable
shipping costs, I will order things from them. On the other hand,
I recently tried to buy something from New Egg. When I went to
the checkout page, I was surprised to see an option of UPS ground
for shipping to Hawaii. I was over joyed! Ground shipping to
Hawaii was back! So I picked that option and finished checking
out. But a day later, much to my dismay, I got an email from New
Egg saying they didn’t really have UPS ground shipping and that I
had to pay for first or second day air (which was almost double
the cost of ground).

Now, I am not a lawyer but it seems to me New Egg made an
offer to sell me an item at a certain price and then offered
various shipping options. I accepted that offer and submitted
payment in the form of a credit card. In a court of law, that is
one definition of a contract. Break that contract, and I can sue.
Although I don’t actually plan to do so because it’s just not
worth my time and money, a class action suit might be

In any case, one must wonder why the people who put the New
Egg site together didn’t program the shipping so that delivery
addresses in states they don’t serve are locked out. For example, does that by making sure you can’t enter the state of
Hawaii in the address field. While I deplore Sears for ignoring
my state, and Sears obviously by making such a decision will get
zero business from 1.5 million potential customers, at least they
are up front about it. New Egg, on the other hand, appears, in my
opinion, to be pulling a bait and switch.

So, I will be ordering my Antec Aria case, AMD 64 3200+ CPU,
ASUS A8N-VM CSM motherboard, Seagate SATA NCQ 160GB hard drive,
and other assorted bits and pieces from someone else (I’m putting
together a Windows Media Center PC. Yes, I know, it’s Windows.
But the Linux equivalents aren’t. Equivalent, that is. You have
to do too much compiling and hand tuning to get these things to
work, if you can get them to work at all and hardware support,
especially for HD, is rather sparse.).



One response to “Can’t Get Here from There: Shipping to Hawaii

  1. Calling them and arguing might have helped.
    I mean it might help them pointing out to you where the small text with disclaimers and limitations is. Cause there is always some small text.