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Iambic, Therefore I Are

I’m back at work now and I guess, staying up late and
getting up early for all the Christmas festivities must have
lowered my resistance. By Monday night, I was aching in all
my joints, coughing, and had a sore throat. I tried going to
sleep at 8:30pm (20:30) but awoke every hour or two until my
usual wake up time of 4:45am.

Staying at work on Tuesday was really difficult because
the A/C was turned down so much my nose (and other
appendages) was turning blue. But since I needed to be at
work for a scheduled conference call I came in and stayed the
day. I didn’t make it in after that but have recovered enough
to drag myself in for the last day of the work year. But
enough whining. As a poet once said, it could be verse.


Buy an iPod, Get a Cut of Meat

I saw

this local TV news report

recently in which a woman alleges that the iPod she bought
from the Honolulu Wal*Mart actually didn’t have an iPod in
the box. What she displayed to the camera looked like plastic
wrapped dog food. Sites like Gizmodo and Engadget picked the
story up and eventually updated it saying an internal
Wal*Mart investigation indicates a former employee made the
switch to that, and other iPod boxes.

So, to all you kids out there who got a lump of meat in
your stocking for Christmas, it’s not because you were

Happy New Year!

This is my last post for this year. My next one will
probably be on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006. I wish you all the
best in 2006. May we have peace, joy, and understanding.

Happy New Year, Everyone –

Nada, Part Deux

Sorry, no post today.

Head Cold

Sorry, no post today. I’m at home trying to get over a cold. I am slowly getting better but I can’t wait until my head no longer feels like it is full of cotton.


Only 363 More Shopping Days Left

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas. We know
our grandchild did. What with this being baby’s first
Christmas, you better believe we spoiled the kid rotten. Of
course, the toy he liked the most was the simple rattle that
we got as an afterthought from Longs Drugs. That said, I’m
sure he’ll eventually grow up to appreciate his other toys
but he really likes the rattle…

IE 0-Bit SSL and CrossOver Office/Wine

If you are using Xandros Linux Deluxe 3.01 and running
CrossOver Office 4.1-2 to run Internet Explorer 6.x you may
have noticed that you cannot connect to nor view any web page
on a SSL-secured web site. This is because IE, when running
under Xandros/CrossOver, has its cipher strength set to
0-bits (open IE’s Help menu, then click on “About Internet
Explorer” to display the cipher strength, among other
things). Why this is so, is not clear to me but a check of
the support forum at Xandros found the following

  1. Navigate to your


    directory (substitute your own login name for “USERNAME”
    when navigating to the directory).

  2. Make a backup copy of the
    file found in that directory.

  3. After making the copy, open the original
    file with your text editor.

  4. Find the following line and delete only that line:

  5. Save your change and exit the text editor.

This worked for me and I now have 128-bit cipher strength
in Internet Explorer and I can now access secure sites.