Firefox 1.5 Goes Gold

The Firefox browser
version 1.5
went gold on Tuesday. I downloaded the Windows
version that night and the Linux version on Wednesday. So far,
other than extensions being broken (something that seems to
happen on a regular basis), it runs fine. Although, I don’t see
much of a difference in performance or features.

For those installing the Linux version, there’s only one tar
ball for i386 but it works in Xandros Deluxe 3.01 except for a
GTK2 error that doesn’t seem to cause any noticeable problems. If
you want a Debian specific version, you will need to try
searching Google for a backport. Otherwise, just use the tarball
and extract the files. No need to compile and I didn’t need to
add any libraries or other programs. Just extract and click on
the “firefox” file. All your current Firefox settings will be
read. Amazing. Now, when the day comes that installing all Linux
applications is this easy will be the day that Linux is ready to
replace the Windows desktop. That day has just become a bit


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