Spyware 1: Trust 0

In a
Wired article
, writer Annalee Newitz says the spyware/adware
wars are over and spyware/adware has won. Newitz chronicles the
rise and fall and rise again of the hated Gator/Claria as an
example of how ever more money is being made by tracking your web
surfing habits.

Whether it is Gator/Claria or Google, or Yahoo! the goal is
the same – even if the mechanism used may or may not be
different. What is different is that the watch dogs have been

The mere use of the word spyware can lead to a law suit. Said
legal threats have chilled the environment and made anti-spyware
companies gun shy. Hence, these companies are no longer raising
the alarm when these spyware/adware programs install themselves
and begin phoning home.

I have no solution for this other than eternal vigilance
because it appears we can no longer trust the watchdogs.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –


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