Daily Archives: 5 December 2005

Winter Weather, Whether or Not

Talk about the weather outside being frightful. The
weather over the weekend was, as they say, unsettled.
Yesterday morning dawned bright and clear. But by noon, the
sky was filled with black clouds bringing sheets of rain,
lightening, and thunder. There was even a report of a funnel
cloud. No report yet of locust plagues but who knows?

For us, we momentarily lost power. Sometimes, this causes
more problems that it just going out for a longer period
because delicate electronics don’t like getting zapped by
power going up, going partially down, and then back up so
rapidly. Even though we have quality surge protectors, one of
our security cameras went poof. Fortunately, we have a spare
so we were back up in a few minutes but I think I need to get
a line conditioner to smooth things out.


No Free Shipping to Hawaii

Illustration about no free shipping to Hawaii.
The MorningPaper ran

a story about shipping discrimination to Hawaii

. The paper checked 50 websites and found that more than
half refuse to provide free shipping to Hawaii even though
they routinely do so for the lower 48 states.

In addition, the shipping rates that these sites charge
are double, and sometimes triple, what the residents of other
states pay. So, for example, we pay over $20USD for even the
smallest package sent via UPS. This, even though the US
Postal Service offers a shipping rate of $7.70USD to ship two
in no more than three to five days. I don’t understand why
these companies don’t use this US postal service. I mean, the
US Postal Services comes to your business to pick up the
package just like the other guys. And unlike the other guys,
the postal service delivers on Saturdays
. So why not increase sales to Hawaii when it doesn’t cost
you anything more and, in fact, costs your customers