Daily Archives: 6 December 2005

Paia (Analog) Power

I find Hawaiian words being used for company names all
over the place. Yet another is a Paia Electronics
, located in far off Edmond, Okalahoma. I’m not a musician so
I’ve never heard of them but they apparently sell build it
yourself electronic kits that feature analog circuits. For a
segment of the public with golden ears, the sounds that come
from digital electronics is not as pleasing nor, according to
them, as accurate as those that flows through analog
circuits. Hence, there is a small minority of the buying
public that is willing to spend almost any amount to have
amps, pre-amps, and other electronics with analog

Well, Paia has analog circuit-based components but they
sell them at very reasonable prices. For example, their
, something even I have heard of, sells for $139USD, (not
including a power supply or front panel). Other devices are
similarly priced. The bottom line is buying similar products
from other vendors would cost you several times what you pay
here. YMMV. I have not bought anything from these folks.
Insert disclaimer here.

The Hawaiian connection is the middle name of John Paia
Simonton, from which the company apparently got its name.
Although the site says it’s not related to the small Maui
town with the same name, it doesn’t say how John got such a
middle name. In any case, the English translation of the name
can have several connotations (depending on if and where the
‘okina and/or kahako are placed). The one I kind of like the
most roughly translates to garbled sound. As in not being
able to clearly make out what music is being played…