Daily Archives: 12 December 2005

Top 10 Weirdest USB Devices

As the end of the year approaches, expect to see more top
ten lists. The first up is the

Top Ten Weirdest USB Devices

from Sweden’s fosfor gadgets site. I think I’ve already
seen the Tiki Drive, but I have to agree with his number one
choice. Just don’t loose your head over this one folks.


Marathon Ramblings

Early this past Saturday morning,
and I went walking around Kapiolani Park. This is part of
our regular routine and something we enjoy because you have
the beauty of the park and the calm Pacific Ocean in one
short three mile loop. However, perhaps this was not the
wisest thing to do on this particular Saturday morning
because this is the finish line for the famed Honolulu
Marathon. Of course, the race is held the next day but even
on Saturday, there are hundreds of people out for a run.

People from 48 of the 50 United States and over 40
countries (especially from Japan and Canada) came to run 26.2
miles (about 42km). Twenty-eight thousand people signed up to
run and about 25,000 actually arrived at the early morning
start line. Of those 25,000, all except about 380 completed
the run. That is a phenomenal 98 percent completion rate!
That is so high I have to wonder about the accuracy of the
numbers reported in the MorningPaper but that’s what they

For trivia buffs, the Honolulu Marathon is sometimes
referred to as the people’s marathon because everyone is
welcome and the finish line is not shut down until the last
runner finishes. Even if it takes 14 hours and nineteen
minutes, as it did for the last two people to finish

For all that, what I noticed on Saturday was that one of
the runners, who may have been a Japanese national although I
could be wrong on that, carried a trash bag with him and was
picking up rubbish as he went along. I think local people
should be ashamed that it takes someone from Japan to come
here to pick up our own rubbish. We live in such a beautiful
state but some residents seem to think public spaces are
their own private trash bin. Shame on them and
arigato gozaimas
to the gentleman who by his actions was doing more than his
part to make things a little better.