Getting Wood

Hmmm, the sweet smell of ceder fills the air as strong
hands shape the wood. Sand paper meets timber as it slowly
reveals the form within. Then, after two weeks of hard work,
the wood is sealed in six to eight coats of epoxy to keep the
water from ruining the board. The hollow core wooden surf
board, that is.

Although Hawaiians, who invented surfing, originally used
solid core wood surfboards, almost no one now uses wooden
for these guys.

A company in far off Maine called

is making wooden surfboards and charging people $1,500 USD
to buy one. Although cost is a disadvantage to using a wooden
surfboard, the surfers buying these board say the “wooden
boards handle like a dream, absorbing the jolts and bumps of
the waves to create a ride as smooth as silk.” YMMV. Use at
your own risk. Watch out for splinters.



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