Iambic, Therefore I Are

I’m back at work now and I guess, staying up late and
getting up early for all the Christmas festivities must have
lowered my resistance. By Monday night, I was aching in all
my joints, coughing, and had a sore throat. I tried going to
sleep at 8:30pm (20:30) but awoke every hour or two until my
usual wake up time of 4:45am.

Staying at work on Tuesday was really difficult because
the A/C was turned down so much my nose (and other
appendages) was turning blue. But since I needed to be at
work for a scheduled conference call I came in and stayed the
day. I didn’t make it in after that but have recovered enough
to drag myself in for the last day of the work year. But
enough whining. As a poet once said, it could be verse.


One response to “Iambic, Therefore I Are

  1. As the same poet later mentioned you can re-verse you tiredness by adding sleep.