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Move Along III

You know the drill…



Move Along II

Sorry, no post today either. I have the legislative hearing this afternoon and we are still revising the testimony.


Move Along

Sorry, no post today. I have a meeting in the morning and then have to prepare testimony for a legislative hearing on Monday.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone – Aloha!

Ski Hawaii

Mauna Kea snow.
As some of you may know, Hawaii is one of the few places in
which you can snow ski in the morning, water ski at lunch,
and surf in the evening. Snow ski? Well, okay, conditions may
be more packed ice than packed powder but the white stuff
does fall at the summits of Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and
sometimes Haleakala. This picture was taken this morning from
Radio Astronomy Observatory cam

atop Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

The weather conditions at that time was below zero degrees
temperatures (Celsius), winds of about 30 knots, and a
relative humidity of about 98 percent.

I don’t know if it’s fogged in or if the winds are blowing
the snow around making conditions next to impossible to see
very far. In any case, it’s very cold, windy, and you don’t
want to be in this kind of weather. Even if you do like to

Nikon D200 Review

Nikon D200.
The folks over at the UK Register site have a longish Camera
Labs review of the new

Nikon 200

10.2 megapixel prosummer digital camera. Although this
camera has received mixed results from at least one other
reviewer, Camera Labs’ bottom line is:

There’s very little to fault about the Nikon D200. It’s
very robust, has great ergonomics and a wide array of
features, while handling superbly and delivering excellent
image quality…

Ultimately until the market responds, Nikon has
delivered the best mid-range digital SLR yet, boasting
professional quality at a highly affordable price

Of course, “affordable price point” is in the wallet of
the beholder. A quick price check finds the D200 body and
18-70mm AF-S IF-ED Nikkor Lens going for about $2000 USD. To
me, that is a lot of money.

Dell Support, Does it Exist?

Speaking of people who may have been living under rocks,

this guy
says Dell customer support ain’t what it used to be. Well, I
have other news for him: there’s no such thing as a tooth
fairy, money doesn’t grow on trees, you don’t tug on
Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, and you don’t
pull the mask off of the ‘ol Lone Ranger [sorry for the
obscure reference to an old Jim Croce song – Ed].

All kidding aside, no, Dell customer support isn’t what it used to
be. Yes, they did it to lower costs and thereby increase profits.
Unfortunately, for Dell and its customers, this change may
have the opposite effect. As customers realize that Dell is
no longer providing support, they will try to find another
company that will. What that company might be I don’t know.
Suggestions appreciated.


Office Suites: Who’s Number Two?

It’s nothing new to acknowledge that Microsoft’s Office
suite of applications is number one in sales. According to
this article on c|net
, MS has 95 percent of the
market. What is interesting is who is number two.

Go ahead, take a guess. Nope. Try again. Wrong. It’s
Apple’s iWork.
It seems the long-time second place suite,

Corel’s WordPerfect Office

fell from second to third last year.

To be sure, iWork doesn’t have all the applications that,
for instance, Office Professional or WordPerfect Office X3
Professional has (e.g., iWork doesn’t have a spreadsheet). In
addition, it is surprising that an application that runs only
on Macs, versus one that runs on PCs has taken second place.
So take the article with a grain of salt.

Nonetheless, if true, this does not bode well for
WordPerfect. I should note I’m not a big fan of WordPerfect.
To this day it is full of bugs that will cause your document
to go up in smoke. But, I believe, competition improves the
breed and Microsoft’s Office could stand some improving.

To a lesser extent, Microsoft should also be concerned.
According to the article, the split between iWork and MS
Office on the Mac platform is about 17 percent versus about
82 percent. Seventeen percent of the market on Macs is a
large percentage when you consider MS Office, as noted
earlier, holds about 95 percent of sales, overall.