Shark Tales

Speaking of fish stories,
Great White shark

was spotted in Hawaiian waters. Although it’s not possible
to say with certainty how many such sharks cruise local
waters it is not something that seems to be common. One
long-time diver said in 40 years of sports diving he had seen
Great Whites only twice.

That said, a Great White estimated to be between 18 – 20ft
(5.5 – 6m) was spotted late last week and was recorded on
video tape. The video has been shown on local TV but I can’t
find a source for your viewing pleasure. The clip I saw
showed the huge shark brush the under side of the dive boat,
partially lifting the boat out of the water with the flick of
its (the shark’s) tail.

The photographer was lucky that the shark wasn’t in a
hunting mood because such a shark could have easily cut the
diver into two piece with just one bite.

Anyway, welcome to all our mainland visitors who want to
splash and cavort in our safe waters. Except, that is, when a
Great White shark is around…



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