Untrustworthy Computing

If you are regular reader of fellow Daynoter
, as I am, you would have heard about what may be one of the

serious Windows vulnerabilities

to come through recently. The exploit requires only that you
visit an infected site or view an infected email and the
dirty deed will be done.

Rick, and other respected security experts, are taking the
unprecedented step of recommending the installation of a
non-Microsoft patch because of the seriousness of the threat
and Microsoft’s apparent lack of concern about this threat.
As the SANS people indicate:

You cannot wait for the official MS patch, you cannot
block this one at the border, and you cannot leave your
systems unprotected.

It’s time for some real trustworthy computing. All we’re
asking is if we’ve proved ourselves to be worthy of your

If you trust these guys, and they’ve earned such trust
over the years, now is the time to take the leap and download
the patch.


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