Rocket Roll

What has 200lbs of thrust, two wheels, and runs on roofing

Rocket bike.
A rocket propelled bicycle, of course. The folks over at
Popular Science

a short story
about the bike and the rocket scientist who designed and
built it. They say it does zero to 60mph in about five
seconds, which is faster than most cars can accelerate.
Still, riding a bike traveling that fast must be
exhilarating, to say the least.

The article says

To ignite it [the roofing tar], Pickens placed a
model-rocket motor inside the engine. A button on the
handlebar fires the model-rocket motor, which in turn sets
off Pickens’s larger motor by lighting the roofing-tar

What next? A rocket propelled skate board?

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2 responses to “Rocket Roll

  1. Looking at the picture my first thought was “how many beans did he eat?” ^__^