Pay-Up, Pal

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe in paying my way on
the Internet. So, when I download and use a program that is
released as shareware or donateware, I pay the fee. I reckon
that if an author has created something with the expectation
of getting paid for it, then not getting paid would tend to
reduce the probability of his or her continuing
support/updating of their creation. Hence, if the program has
worth to me, and I wish to use it, I will pay the author.

One of the places I visit on a regular basis is Dr. Jerry
Pournelle’s site. As he puts it, his site is paid for using
the public radio model. That is, he asks for reader donations
and as long as enough comes in to pay for the place he will
continue to post. It sounds fare to me. He is a professional
writer and wishes to get paid for his creations. What I write
is for free and I don’t expect any such payment in

One of the ways to pay for Dr. Pournelle’s place is via
Paypal. Paypal is a relatively painless way of making
Internet payments. It’s by no means the only way, but it is
fairly common.

In any case, as I have done in the last three years, I
recently paid my $36 using Paypal (I paid by credit card in
prior years) but noticed that Paypal was calling it a
subscription that would automatically renew unless I
specifically requested termination. The help screen says
there would be link to terminate the subscription but when I
looked for such a link, I couldn’t find anything.

If I take Paypal at face value, then my account should
have been automatically debited last year and should
automatically occur again this year around the end of the
month. I know it did not automatically occur last year but
can’t say what will happen later this month. If I remember to
check back, I’ll let you know what happens at the end of this
month but I sure hope I don’t get charged twice…


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