Kaua’i Kourt House

Sorry for the late post for yesterday. I had uploaded it
but did not “publish” it so it didn’t appear until this
morning. My apologies for that.

Kauai courthouse.
Speaking of yesterday, I was on the island of Kaua’i for a
meeting at the new court house. The site is located across
the street from the airport so it is in easy walking
distance. I think the courthouse opened last year, though I
could be wrong on that, but the point is it’s new and I’ve
never been there before.

My camera phone picture of the court didn’t turn out so
well I’m using a photo from our internal website. To me, it’s
an impressive building, although I’m told tourists sometimes
mistake it for a hotel! Perhaps the court needs to put up a
sign saying what it is.

The inside is also impressive. The conference room we used
had one of those screens that drops down from the ceiling. A
new laptop was hooked up to a LCD projector so information
could be displayed on that screen. The only thing is the
location of the floor electrical/data outlets don’t let you
rearrange the desks. The conference room seems to have been
designed to provide a passive experience. That is, it seems
that the architect expected someone to stand at the front
lecturing to people passively sitting there. What we wanted
to do was have an open discussion where everyone
participated. So, to that extent, the design of the room made
it difficult, but not impossible to do. Note to you planners
out there, think about how to make rooms as flexible as
possible so that what people need to do is facilitated.


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