Winds Blow Wie Off Course

Let me say up front that I think local female golfer
Michelle Wie is amazing at what she does. She is only 16
years old but plays golf with the skills of women decades
older than she. Michelle has used those skills to earn
commercial endorsement contracts reported to be worth about
$10 million a year and has done well in several women’s

That said, I think I’ve mentioned before that Wie may
never reach the goal of making the cut in a men’s tournament
(the last female to do so was decades ago). Michelle is
playing at the men’s Sony Open here on O’ahu this week. Her
score yesterday was, shall we say, less than what she is
capable of.

If she has a problem, it is in having the focus and drive
to win. It is not coincidental that Eldrick Woods got the
nickname he has. To me, you have to look at a golf course as
a piece of meat to be devoured. To be stalked and eaten with
relish. You have to be the master, not the course. While I am
no expert, and I certainly don’t play golf, I don’t see Wie
as having that kind of single focused drive.

That’s not to say she won’t ever have whatever it takes to
be a competitor like Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, just that she
seems to sometimes play more like a lamb.

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One response to “Winds Blow Wie Off Course

  1. At her age she should look at others things as well and play a bit.
    Going at something for 100% to early holds the considerable risk of getting burned out soon. With no foundation for a future elsewhere.