I Hear You, Sometimes

System Note: I have been having problems with reader
comments not getting through to me. By that I mean the
comment itself gets published okay on the website, but I’m
supposed to get an email notice telling me that a new comment
has been left so that I am alerted to that fact.
Unfortunately, for awhile now, only some emails have been
getting through.

I assume the problem is with how pair.com (my web host)
filters emails for spam. Why do I think this? Because some
emails get through (including my own test messages) while
others do not. I realize the problem could be an intermittent
bug in MovableType (my content management system which
handles the background task of posting the comment and
emailing me) or it could be my host. I dunno for sure.

In any case, if you left a comment and I didn’t get back
to you it’s highly possible that I was not made aware that
the comment was made. Sorry in advance and in arrears.


One response to “I Hear You, Sometimes

  1. I’ve had a similar problem on my Livejournal thing. I accidentally flagged one comment-notification as spam. I immediately un-flagged it but for several weeks Thunderbird would, seemingly random, drop LJ mail in my spam box.