Daily Archives: 24 January 2006

Office Suites: Who’s Number Two?

It’s nothing new to acknowledge that Microsoft’s Office
suite of applications is number one in sales. According to
this article on c|net news.com
, MS has 95 percent of the
market. What is interesting is who is number two.

Go ahead, take a guess. Nope. Try again. Wrong. It’s
Apple’s iWork.
It seems the long-time second place suite,

Corel’s WordPerfect Office

fell from second to third last year.

To be sure, iWork doesn’t have all the applications that,
for instance, Office Professional or WordPerfect Office X3
Professional has (e.g., iWork doesn’t have a spreadsheet). In
addition, it is surprising that an application that runs only
on Macs, versus one that runs on PCs has taken second place.
So take the article with a grain of salt.

Nonetheless, if true, this does not bode well for
WordPerfect. I should note I’m not a big fan of WordPerfect.
To this day it is full of bugs that will cause your document
to go up in smoke. But, I believe, competition improves the
breed and Microsoft’s Office could stand some improving.

To a lesser extent, Microsoft should also be concerned.
According to the article, the split between iWork and MS
Office on the Mac platform is about 17 percent versus about
82 percent. Seventeen percent of the market on Macs is a
large percentage when you consider MS Office, as noted
earlier, holds about 95 percent of sales, overall.