Daily Archives: 1 February 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?

Sometimes, I really hate computers (and the software that
run on them). Both our mail server and voice mail server are
acting up. Mail sent on Sunday did not show up until 7:45am
Monday morning. Then access to voice mail, both my own and
others, is random, at best. Sometimes there is a very loud,
annoying beeping sound. Sometimes there is silence. And
sometimes it works. We really do rely on both these systems
and having both go down, at what seems like random intervals,
is very frustrating.

Now magnify that by a thousand times because we are
drafting testimony that is time sensitive and you have the
makings of a system meltdown. Or at least a human ware
meltdown. Sigh.

I don’t know what operating system(s) or software these
two systems use but it needs to be fixed. I contacted our
Information Technology Division but they apprently don’t know why it’s happening nor did they
suggest a solution.

The bottom line, I guess, for both problems is we are just supposed
to live with it.


Testimony to Tumultuous Times

Speaking of testimony, I’ve been hit twice with the task
of drafting testimony with less than 24 hours to do so.
Which, as you may have noticed, has left me no time to do
anything with this site. Sorry about that.

When this type of situation occurs, bad things happen.
First, all other work has to go on hold while I put out these
fires. Many times, the work put on hold is itself pretty
important. Secondly, 24 hours doesn’t give me a lot of time
to analyze the proposed bill. Some of these bills are very
long and make a lot of changes. Hence, I am not able to, many
times, offer much in the way of insightful thoughts. In fact,
mostly, I try to find the one main thing the measure is
trying to do and project what the impact to the affected
parties would be (I think I’ve mentioned it before but when I
first went to a seminar on bill writing, put on by the
Legislature, the presenter said; in any legislation, someone
is helped and someone is hurt. Hence, to analyze a bill, one
must determine what is the bill intended to do, who is
affected, what is the impact, and what new problems the
measure would create (all solutions create new problems).
Wise advice to anyone reviewing bills.).