Daily Archives: 3 February 2006

Guy Kawasaki Starts a Blog

There are many successful people who were born and raised
in Hawaii. But to many, you really aren’t SUCCESSFUL unless
you go to the mainland and make it big there. I guess it’s
something like the big fish in the small pond going to the
ocean where, it turns out, he or she is still a big fish.

One of the guys that made it big on the mainland is Guy
Kawasaki. Kawasaki is an author of eight books/Forbes
magazine columnist/Apple Fellow/venture capitalist (read
) and is now also a

Kawasaki starting blogging in December and has written
informative and insightful posts on business. From email
etiquette to the art of the schmooze to how to give a good
speech/presentation. Anyone who is in business, or wants to
be, should read his blog.

In each post, he is giving away valuable information that
you can use to move forward in the business world. Why he
started his blog and why he is giving away such valuable
insights I don’t know. But I understand that his blog has led
to increased book sales so maybe there’s something to all
this stuff about business being a conversation. Or not.

In any case, if you have an interest in business, please
go to his blog site.

On a personal note: Hey Guy, I’ll call your Kalihi Valley
and raise you one Palolo Valley!

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –