Antec Fusion Case

Antec announced last week what sounded like a replacement
for their popular Aria case. The
states the new “Fusion” case will be available on March 1st
at a price dependent “upon final feature set.” I don’t know
if that means you can add optional features or whether the
press release was written before the design was

In either case [pun intended – ed.], there isn’t much else
known except for what’s in the press release:

  • 430 watt power supply (PSU).

  • Dual 120mm cooling fans.

  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD).

The VFD will probably get most of the attention but what’s
important to me is the power supply. What with the
higher energy consumption/heat output of modern CPUs and the
need for multiple hard drives and at least two TV tuners (for
regular and high definition), a high power PSU is required. So I am very glad I had not yet purchased a case
for the media PC I am putting together.

But all may not be better in the new case. It is unclear
whether the addition of the VFD means Antec sacrificed the
Aria’s 8-in-one card reader. If so, you’ll have decide how
important that was. For me, I don’t think it much matters
since I would be using mine to view/record video, not still
images. That said, if you need to transfer still images to the
drive you could always use an USB-based reader.

All-in-all, unless th Fusion is more expensive than the
Aria (about $129USD), I’ll probably buy the Fusion.

Lunch time update: I’ve been able to find a picture of the
case and I’m very disappointed that it appears to be a
variation of the

Overture II case
rather than the Aria. That is, rather than being a small
form factor type case, it appears to be the similar in size
to many horizontal desktop cases (i.e., larger than what I
want). Sigh. I guess I’m back to looking for a small form
factor case that takes standard micro-ATX motherboards and
has a PSU rated at higher than 300 watts. I hope Antec will update their Aria but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Antec Fusion case.


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  1. I checked their rackmount cases, and I like those.