Antec Fusion, Revisted

Okay, so the Antec Fusion case isn’t a replacement for
their Aria case. At least, it doesn’t look like a direct
replacement (see yesterday’s updated post for a picture).

Unless Antec decides to update the Aria, which has a
rated at only 300 Watts, I will have to look for a
“mini-tower” [Isn’t mini-tower like saying “jumbo shrimp”?
But I digress – ed.) case instead. I can get a mini-tower for
about $30USD and add my own PSU (probably an Antec Neo 430)
for less than the cost of the Aria. The downside would be
that a mini-tower is larger than the Aria. Sigh.

Although I have some time before I need to decide on which
case to get, I will need to do so, soon.


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