Apple 1GB nano iPod Announced

In other news, Apple announced the availability of a
1GB nano iPod
. The new iPod is listed as being able to hold about 240
songs while costing only $149USD ($50 less than the $199 nano
2GB model).

But, there are downsides to getting an iPod. Two-hundred
and forty songs are less than what I have in my collection
but, realistically, I don’t need to have access to every song
all the time and can always swap things in and out. That
said, it’s not convenient to do so.

Secondly, there isn’t an iTunes client for Linux and iPods
only work with iTunes. So, I would have to use my laptop,
which still runs Windows XP, to run iTunes. Again, this is
not very convenient.

Lastly, there’s the problems with a non user-replaceable
battery and all the scratches to the case and screen that
people have been reporting.

Still, it is very cool. This weekend, if the local Apple
store has one in black, I think I’ll get one. Or not. We’ll



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