Daily Archives: 9 February 2006

Feng New

There is a series of

amazing scenic images of China
brought to you courtesy of Feng Jiang. I had a hard time
picking just one to show you but I think this one is
representative of the stunning photos Feng takes. Enjoy.

Chinese scenic by Feng Jiang


Taking Note

The Guardian

has a post on Lotus Notes
, the groupware application that seemingly will not die.
Though millions of people use this prime example of pastware,
the only advocates seem to be die hard IBM mainframe
administrators who never choose anything but TrueBlue.

While Notes can supposedly do all kinds of things over and
above email, I’ve never used these features. I don’t even use
the calendaring because it’s easier just to carry a pocket
calendar than to jot down notes to myself on paper and then
type them in once I get back to the office. All I need is my
pocket calendar and pen and I’m good to go. No computer, no
PDA, no nothing.

Even as an email client, it has so many options, most of
which I will never use, that it looses sight of what a good
email client is supposed to be. Namely, a quick and easy way
to send text and attachments to someone else. Period. Not
this lumbering, multi-megabyte RAM eating, creaking old do
everything not very well program.

Even on the server side, Domino commits the cardinal sin
of email servers – being unreliable. Yes, I know, Domino is
supposed to be very easy to administer. But. As a user, I
don’t care about that. What I care about is reliable email
service. But reliability is not something that goes with

Moreover, our IT folks have not enabled the webmail
functionality of Notes. This means we shall use the Note
client, even though the Domino server can be accessed via any
standard web browser. Not only does this cost thousands of
dollars in Notes licensing fees but it’s also one more
barrier to switching to Linux (since there isn’t a Notes
client for Linux, yet).

All in all, like millions of other users, I’m not a big
fan of Lotus Notes or the Domino server. Just give something
lightweight, fast, easy to use, reliable, and accessible over
the Internet via a standard browser and I’ll be happy.