Nano Neume

Apple iPod nano.
Sometimes, being popular is not a good thing. For example, I
went to the local Apple store this past weekend to get the
new 1GB Nano. I knew I was in trouble when the doorway of the
store was nearly impassable due to the number of people
trying to get in and out.

After squeezing my way in, I saw two lines of people, each
about 20 deep, at the cashiers. I don’t know for sure what
everyone was buying, but I could guess. So, I reluctantly
went home and ordered everything online. By everything, I mean
a black 1GB Nano, an additional dock, and an additional cable
for the dock (no, the dock doesn’t apparently come with

Since I’ve heard of problems with the nano getting
scratched, I decided to go to the
Martin Fields site
and order the

overlay screen protector

. The thin membrane is designed to protect the nano’s fragile
display (Long time readers may remember that I got something
similar for my Motorola Razr. The protector for the phone
works so well that I thought I’d get one for the nano). In
addition, I ordered their

leather case

to protect the rest of the nano. I don’t know if this this
the best case but it looked good enough.

Although the nano should arrive on Friday and
the Martin Fields stuff probably early next week, I still wish I could have just purchased
everything at the Apple store. More when everything



One response to “Nano Neume

  1. I wonder what all the scratch fuss is about.
    It’s a music player. Unless the scrach is an inch deep (figurative speaking) it won’t affect the music. In our typical comercial and geek driven world it’s never going to last longer than a couple of years.
    So how bad are a few scratches.