Dvorak: Apple to Switch to Windows?

Sometimes, taking an extreme position is done just to get
a conversation going. By taking such a position, clarity of
thought can emerge due to the examination of ideas that would
otherwise never be heard. That is not to say the extreme
position will ultimately turn out to be the path chosen, nor
am I saying it should. But the process of
discussing the position can lead to interesting

For example,
PC Magazine’s
resident columnist
C. Dvorak has a post

that predicts Apple will switch to Microsoft’s Windows
operating system. Although he doesn’t present any direct
evidence of this, and personally, I don’t see this happening
anytime before Hell goes sub-zero, he does stir things up by
making such a statement.

That said, I’m not sure I would
Apple switching to Windows.

Nature loves diversity. Genetic diversification is one of
the reasons we exist while other species have faltered.
Likewise, having diverse operating systems provides for a
robust environment in which one virus/Trojan Horse cannot
bring down all computers.

Indeed, in my opinion, if we were to have only One True
Operating System, I would rather it be the Mac OS than
Windows because the Mac is more secure. Yes, this is because
Mac OS X is based on Unix, but so what. In computers,
security is good while, at the same time, offering thousands
of applications to choose from (now is the not the time to
discuss just how good, or bad, these applications are).

Secondly, the Mac OS is cheaper.
Mac OS X
(presently at version 10.4.3), is going for $129.00. No need
to get a special student or OEM discount. No need to buy it
with a system or to get it from the car trunk of a friend of
a friend. Just buy it directly from Apple, if you want.

Speaking of cost, from an economic perspective,
competition is good. Where there is competition, the price of
anything is set at the lowest people are willing to pay for
and the highest sellers are able to get. At the same time.
This is a win-win situation. Therefore trades will occur. It
is when there is no competition that the market fails.

So, although I think Dvorak is just putting this idea out
to get some attention (which is succeeding), I hope Apple is
not actually headed in this direction. YMMV. Even I have been
known to be wrong. Insert disclaimer here.

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One response to “Dvorak: Apple to Switch to Windows?

  1. It’s much more likely that OS-X will come out to run on Windows PCs than that Windows is going to run on Macs.
    Since the Mac runs on Intel chips it’s come rather close to Windows boxes but with sufficient difference to prevent Windows running.
    For MS it’s not worthwhile (yet) to invest in making Windows run on those weird boxes. There are too few of them and even when ported/adapted Windows is too fat and flawed to compete with OS-X. It would need a redesign and rewrite of Windows doing it right (needed anyway) which not even MS can afford.
    For Apple the situation is different. If they adapt OS-X to run on standard Windows boxes they break open a huge market. The adaptation wouldn’t be that big (no bigger than the adaptation MS would need to make) and would make their product instantly competitive. Their hardware prices are not that much higher than for other stylish brands so it would only cut lightly in that department.
    So Apple may run with the next successful version of windows but it’s not going to be Windows. A capital difference 🙂