Daily Archives: 22 February 2006

New Type

I’m trying out a different theme to the site so things won’t look the same. In fact, what you see may change from day-to-day as I experiment with the style sheet. I like to shake things up every once in awhile as a way of teaching myself how to use the system, templates, style sheets, and such.

So, hang in there and enjoy the ride (as it were).


Whither the Weather in Owhyhee?

Here in Hawai’i, our weather is usually pretty nice. The
temperatures rarely go the extremes. We hardly ever see a
tornado. And it’s been over ten years since the last
hurricane (crosses fingers).

But every once in awhile, nature reminds us just how
insignificant humans are. Over the last few days, we’ve been
hit by heavy rains, including thunder and lightning. On
Kaua’i, over a 24-hour period, 18 inches (about 46cm) of rain
fell. Flooding in the usual areas has occurred and traffic
gets really bad as people slow down due to limited

That said, Hawai’i wouldn’t be as green as it is without
the rain; so I’m not complaining. Especially now that the sun
is coming up in a glorious display of orange, blue, and purple
colors painted across the sky.