Daily Archives: 24 February 2006

No Posts for You!

I’m having problems posting so if you see this, I found a way around the problem. Which of the two problems, detailed below, I’m facing I can’t yet say.

It seems that the folks over at MySQL, the database that my web host uses, updated a module around July of last year. If your web host was efficient and updated the module, MovableType (MT), the content management system that I use, immediately refused to run many scripts that operate MT. One of those scripts is the one that publishes these posts. I don’t know if my web host, pair.com, just updated this module. If so, this may be the problem.

Throw into this mix, pair.com apparently throttles user scripts. That is, if one site is using a large portion of CPU cycles, pair will automatically and without warning kill the process. I can speculate that pair does this to avoid one site negatively affecting the operations of the others. I should note that pair, as does most other hosts, installs more than one website per server. In my case, there are about 150 sites running on a server using an Athlon XP2200+ with 1GB of RAM and a 120GB disk. For comparison, my wife’s 2.8GHz Intel P4 system is faster, has equal memory, and has a larger drive. This script throttling causes some MT operations to fall over because MT can use a lot of memory in rebuilding its pages.

So, I’m kind of stuck here. MT can’t post using its main script either because of the MySQL problem or because pair is killing the process that is used to rebuild this site (or something else is wrong).

Until I figure this out, my posts not make it. If that occurs, I will switch away from MT. To what, I don’t know yet although I am working on using plain HTML as a last resort.

Stay tuned.


LPGA to Press: No Soup for You!

Someone once said; Any press, even bad press, is better than no press at all. The Ladies Professional Golfer’s Association (LPGA) is in town for the Field’s Open Golf Tournament and seems to disagree with this saying.

In general, many associations try to work with the press because it is in their own best interest. That is, the association gets free publicity. This publicity can turn directly into more money for the association. More money is usually seen as a GoodThing.

It is therefore very curious that the LPGA has barred the Associated Press and both of the local newspapers from stepping foot onto the golf course. It seems the LPGA is now requiring that all members of the press must sign agreements that essentially sign over all rights to any photographs or writings that the press may produce regarding the tournament.

You don’t need to be a lawyer to figure out the reaction of many of the press. Namely, many have refused to sign such an agreement since any photos they take or stories they write are copyrighted and owned by their respective organizations, not the LPGA. Hence, to be bound by an agreement that signs away their copyrighted work is, as one person put it, “nuts”.

One would think the LPGA will soon revise or completely retract this agreement. But as of this writing, they have not.

I guess the LPGA wants to test the saying about bad press being better than no press. The thing is, they are getting bad press and no press at the same time. Upon reflection, maybe the LPGA will realize that this is not such a good idea.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –