Daily Archives: 28 February 2006

AVG Anti-Virus Now Available for Linux

For Windows, I’ve been using AVG anti-virus software for
some time. Although I’ve never had a problem (that I know of)
that AVG didn’t stop, I know of several people who have been
hit with viruses despite using AVG. To be fair, I don’t think
they had updated their signature files since AVG was
installed on their PCs so maybe that’s why they were
infected. Or not. I don’t know.

But for the Xandros Linux 3.01 Deluxe that I’m now using,
the standard seemed to be F-Prot. But, as far as I know,
F-Prot is a command line utility scanner. That is, it’s not
always running to check for on access problems so it can’t
protect against infections, only identify one once you’re
already infected. If I’m mistaken on this, please let me know
how to configure it to do otherwise.

But I recently found it that AVG
is available

in RPM and tar.gz formats for i386 Linux systems. I haven’t
installed it yet and I don’t know if this is also a command
line utility but, at least, there’s another option for Linux.
More when I know more.