Intel Advanced Liquid Cooling Technology

As many of you know, the so called Prescott core Intel
processors run very hot. How hot? We have a 2.8GHz that idles at
72-73 degrees Celsius (with the stock fan) with a maximum
designed temp of about 75 degrees. Obviously, such a high
idle temperature is not conducive to CPU long life nor high
speeds since it only needs to heat up by a few degrees before
it hits it maximum temperature.

Intel announced and demonstrated this month one solution
to this heat problem – the
Advanced Liquid Cooling Technology
(link goes to the Hardware Secrets site since I can’t find
an Intel page).

Intel’s technology uses only two parts: a combination
pump/permanently sealed reservoir and a heat exchanger/fan.
Connecting the two parts are metal, rather than flexible
plastic, tubes. The system is designed to require no
maintenance and reportedly runs at about 4dbA (in most rooms,
this would be essentially silent).

Although I’m sure this works, I’m not too thrilled about
mixing water and electricity.

Yes, you can use other ways of cooling the CPU, such as the Zalman line of fans. And a good job these fans do. But, if you don’t have the space to fit one of these huge and heavy fans, such as when you are building a small form factor PC, the choice is AMD.

Hence, I won’t be buying any Intel processors until they figure out how to control the
heat better. Until then, I’m quite happy to use AMD
processors that run substantially cooler than an equivalent
Intel chip.



One response to “Intel Advanced Liquid Cooling Technology

  1. I really wonder why they bother developing extra coolers. If they just get rid of the old P4 design and put the effort in their efficient mobile based processors they get rid of the heat problem and with the Core Duo they still have enough perfromance to compete with AMD.