Kaua’i Kismet

As if hurricanes aren’t enough, the island of Kaua’i had a
reservoir/dam fail yesterday due to recent heavy rains.
Several hundred million gallons of water rushed through the
breach clearing everything that stood before it. Entire
houses, portions of the forest, telephone poles, and even
underground water pipes were swept away. One person is
confirmed dead and several are missing.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s not over yet. The rain continues to fall and
other reservoirs could also go (including some on the other
islands). Flash flood warnings and watches are extended into
Friday so anything could happen.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing to say a prayer for the people
of Kaua’i.

The morning paper
has the story
, with pictures.

One example is the photo below. Between the foreground and
the house in the back stood two homes. Both are completely
gone, along with the people in them.

Kauai flood damage.



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