Path Problems in MT 3.2

So, support reminded me that my account allows
access to the server logs. In examining the error log, the only
thing I could find that seemed out of place was the
following: [Tue Mar 21 2006] [error] File does not
exist: /path/to/mt-diary/mt-site.js

This error made be pause. Pause. Okay, mt-site.js, by
default, is found in the /~home/mt-static directory. Why is
MT looking for it in /mt-diary? I don’t know. But if it wants
it in /mt-diary, that’s where I’ll put it. So I copied the
file into /mt-diary. But. I still get a 500 error when I
rebuild Categories. Sigh.

The error log doesn’t indicate any error. So I download
the raw log and find the following:

[21/Mar/2006:] “GET /path/to/mt-diary/mt.cgi?__mode=rebuild&blog_id=1&type=Category&next=0&offset=&limit=&total_entries=1230&is_bm=&entry_id=&is_new=&old_status=&old_previous=&old_next=
HTTP/1.1” 500 535”
“Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:
Gecko/20060124 Firefox/”

For some reason, MT is looking for mt-cgi in /mt-diary.
But. The default location for mt.cgi is in cgi-bin. Why is MT
looking for it in /mt-diary? Clearly, something is
misconfigured. I don’t have the time this morning to follow
up but I will check on things later tonight.

UPDATE: What may be misconfigured is my brain. I have to double check the paths in the error messages. I may have read them wrong so perhaps the paths are correct. If so, then the server log messages aren’t very helpful and I need to keep looking for the answer.



One response to “Path Problems in MT 3.2

  1. “/path/to/mt-diary/mt-site.js”

    That sounds like there’s some place where you need to fill in the path to the mt-diary directory. Did you miss a configuration step or something?

    mt-site.js sounds like a file that should be stored someplace, and some other file needs to know how to find it. Probably needs to know the path to mt-diary. Probably NOT in the mt-site.js file.

    Why don’t you search the code for /path/to/mt-diary?