Hubble Image of Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula. My wallpaper for the week comes courtesy of the Hubble Space
Telescope. The image is described as the sharpest ever taken
of the Orion Nebula. According to the Hubble site description:

The Orion Nebula is 1,500 light-years away, the nearest
star-forming region to Earth. Astronomers used 520 Hubble
images, taken in five colors, to make this picture. They
also added ground-based photos to fill out the nebula. The
ACS mosaic covers approximately the apparent angular size
of the full moon.

It is unfortunate, for a telescope that is capable of such
magnificent images, that its future is clouded by the small
minded political priorities of those now in power in
Washington. A pox on those who would drain funding for these
kinds of efforts while approving millions for “bridges to
nowhere.” A pox on those who sustain and encourage a culture
of corruption. A pox on those who can’t see past their next
illegal campaign contribution to gaze upward to the dazzling
beauty of the heavens.



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