CMS Decision Matrix

Not everyone wants/needs/cares about using a blogging
system like MovableType
or WordPress. But if you do, and you
are unsure as to which system to use,
you may want to check out The Matrix. The
CMS Matrix, that is.

The CMS Matrix site lists over 550 different
solutions. Some of these are free and some cost hundreds, if
not, thousands of dollars. Some are all-in-one solutions and
some are extendable through add-ins. Some are designed for
single users and some can handle thousands.

The Matrix allows you to pick up 10 systems to do a
side-by-side comparison. Each system’s particulars regarding
system requirements, security, support, ease of use,
management, interoperability, flexibility, performance,
built-in applications, and commerce are displayed for your

Although you may need to take some of the data points with
a grain of salt (who knows where the info came from and how
current it is), you can at least narrow down your search to a
few candidates that you can then take a serious look at.
YMMV. Use at your risk. Insert disclaimer here.


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