Local News

There be strange goings on in local news.

. This bill, passed by the legislature and pending approval
of the governor, allows the parents of a newborn to take the
placenta from the hospital. According to some Hawaiian
traditions, after birth, the placenta is buried in the ground
and a tree is planted above it in the belief that there is a
spiritual connection between the two.

Although certain Hawaiians still believe and practice such
traditions, the current health rules prevent the release of
the placenta as it is apparently considered to be medical
waste and must be disposed of. However, due to pressure from
groups who wish to practice these rites, our legislature
passed a bill to allow this.

State Fish Bill
. Having solved all of the other problems in our state, the
legislature passed a bill to reinstate the
humuhumu-nukunuku-a-pua’a (translated as “fish with a nose like a pig”) as the official state fish.
Other than the cute name, why anyone would want to have a
fish with a nose like a pig to represent our state is beyond

Akaka Makes Time Magazine Bottom Five
. Disclosure: I support his opponent in the coming election
and am distantly related to his opponents family.
Time magazine recently published a list of what they describe as
“five senators who are falling short.” At the top of that
list is the junior senator from Hawai’i, Daniel Akaka. The

Time article
goes on to say Senator Akaka is “master of the minor
resolution and the bill that dies in committee.” I will say
no more.

Still Closed
. Although the floods have gone and the sun is shining,
several areas are still closed to swimming or fishing due to
contamination from sewage spills. For a state who’s main
product is the environment, this may accurately be described
as a disaster.



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